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Okay, so shopping on Orchard Road in Singapore had to be one of my favourite activities in Sinapore 😀  I come from Perth “city” where the shopping experiences are okay, full of franchises, and very repetitive – you will generally see the same stores all throughout the metro area. Orchard Road in Singapore was full of variety, and the malls were big, dry, and airconditioned. Now I can manage the heat in Singapore (I experience much hotter in summer in Perth), but I cannot cope with the humidity – dizziness and headaches even while gulping down water. Thank goodness for the aircon. The shops also kept us dry from all the torrential thunderstorms that happened almost every day of our stay (I enjoy thunderstorms so that was quite fun!).

Books, clothes, accessories, fun stuff, computer and console games (kept the partner happy ;))…Ahhh it was great fun 😀


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