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Hmm Im thirsty...

Hmm I'm thirsty...

Hmm…I’m thirsty.

I don’t think you should drink that…it looks bad for you.

NONSENSE! It makes me feel great, smarter, more aggressive.

I feel like I could…like I could………like I could………


While that may sound like an energy drink advert, it is actually the opening dialogue between the Purple and Green Tentacles from the very cool game from waaay back in the 90s, “Day of the Tentacle”. It is one of my partner’s favourite games, so I decided to make him amigurumi Tentacles! The Purple and Green Tentacles are two main characters from the game, and while the green tentacle is friendly, the purple one is hell-bent on taking over the world after receiving mutant arms and increased brainpower from drinking toxic waste.

As I couldn’t find a pattern online (but found this very cool photo of someone else’s), I was forced to experiment and make my own. Eeek I am only a beginner and this is only my third project! Well I must have drank some toxic waste too and increased my skills because I made the Tentacles, and here is my pattern so everyone can make Tentacles which can TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle Amigurumi Pattern

I wrote down my pattern as I made the first tentacle, and tested it again when I made the second one (obviously so they could be the same!). Everything matched up, but if something doesn’t make sense or you have a better suggestion, please let me know! Note: I have used the US crochet stitch terminology.

L33T Skillz Needed

That was a bit of game talk for ya 😉 To make these Tentacles you need to crochet in the round, which involves being able to: start amigurumi using the chain and magic circle starts, do single crochets (US version; UK/Aus equivalent is the double crochet), be able to increase, do slip stitches, sew crochet items together with yarn, fill your crochet, and cut out felt! Easy peasy basic amigurumi crochet skills. If you don’t know how, check out my resource links here.


The following materials are what I used to make my Tentacles. Feel free to substitute as you wish – but keep the colours the same to stay true to the tentacles!

* Green Yarn
* Yellow Yarn
* Purple Yarn
* Scrap amount of Black Yarn or Black Felt (if use felt, you need craft glue)
* Stuffing/Filler (I used polyfill, but you could use pellets in the base and/or arms to add weight if you like)
* 3.5mm Crochet Hook
* Yarn Needle (needle with hole big enough to thread yarn through)

Yarn shops have closed around me, so I was stuck with yarn choices in Spotlight 😦 My 25g balls of 8ply wool yarn were just right.


To make the two tentacles you will need to make the following:

Green Tentacle:
1 x Green Body
1 x Small Yellow Sucker
1 x Medium Yellow Sucker
1 x Large Yellow Sucker
1 x Yellow Base

Purple Tentacle:
1 x Purple Body
1 x Small Green Sucker
1 x Medium Green Sucker
1 x Large Green Sucker
1 x Green Base
2 x Purple Arms
1 x Black Felt or Crocheted Monobrow

Tentacle: Body

Don’t start body with a magic circle – I tried it and it makes the cone far too tight for the top of the tentacle.
Note: ch=chain, sc=single crochet (US).

Start: ch 2
RND1:  5sc into 1st chain [5]
RND2:  2sc in first sc, 4 sc around [6]
RND3:  2sc in first sc, 2 sc around. Repeat. [8]
RND4:  8 sc around [8]
RND5:  2sc in first sc, 3 sc around. Repeat. [10]
RND6:  10 sc around [10]
RND7:  2sc in first sc, 4 sc around. Repeat. [12]
RND8:  12 sc around [12]
RND9:  2sc in first sc, 5 sc around. Repeat. [14]
RND10: 14 sc around [14]
RND11: 2sc in first sc, 6 sc around. Repeat. [16]
RND12: 16 sc around[16]
RND13: 2sc in first sc, 3 sc around. Repeat 3 more times. [20]
RND14: 20 sc around [20]
RND15: 2sc in first sc, 4 sc around. Repeat 3 more times. [24]
RND16: 24 sc around [24]
RND17: 24 sc around [24]
RND18: 24 sc around [24]
RND19: 2sc in first sc, 11 sc around. Repeat. [26]
RND20: 26 sc around [26]
RND21: 2sc in first sc, 12 sc around. Repeat. [28]
RND22: 28 sc around [28]
RND23: 2sc in first sc, 13 sc around. Repeat. [30]
RND24-33: 30 sc around [30] for 10 rounds.

Do not finish off at this point. Wait until you have attached your suckers, because you may find you want to add an extra row or two on the bottom to balance the sucker arrangement.

Tentacle: Suckers

When making suckers allow plenty of spare thread at start or end to allow you to sew the sucker onto tentacle body later.

Small Sucker:
RND1:  6sc magic circle [6]
RND2:  2sc into each sc around [12]  [slip st to 1st]
RND3:  12 sc around [12]  [slip st to 1st] Finish off.

Medium Sucker:
RND1:  7sc magic circle [7]
RND2:  2sc into each sc around [14]  [slip st to 1st]
RND3:  14 sc around [14]  [slip st to 1st] Finish off.

Large Sucker:
RND1:  6sc magic circle [6]
RND2:  2sc into each sc around [12]  [slip st to 1st]
RND3:  12 sc around [12]  [slip st to 1st]
RND4:  2sc into first, 1 sc into next. Repeat 5 more times. [18]  [slip st to 1st]
RND5:  18 sc around [18]  [slip st to 1st] Finish off.

Assembly: Suckers to Tentacle Body

1)  Use yarn needle, sew suckers to tentacle in a vertical arrangement. Small sucker near top (narrowest part of cone), then medium, and then large near bottom. Approx 2-3 row gap visible between each sucker once sewn on. See my photos for examples.

2)  Crochet an extra row or two (of 30 sc each) onto the bottom of the  tentacle body if you need to so that your suckers are more evenly spaced. You want a bit of a gap between the bottom of the last sucker and the bottom of the body.

3)  Slip stitch and finish off tentacle body. You don’t need to leave a long length of yarn at the end.

4)  Stuff body (I used polyfill/polyester fibre, but you might want to use plastic pellets in the base to add weight). Push the spare yarn into the body once you have stuffed it.

Tentacle: Base

RND1:  6sc magic circle [6]
RND2:  2sc into each sc around [12]
RND3:  12 sc around [12]
RND4:  2sc into first, 1 sc. Repeat 5 more times. [18]
RND5:  18 sc around [18]
RND6:  2sc into first, 2 sc. Repeat 5 more times. [24]
RND7:  24 sc around [24]
RND8:  2sc into first, 3 sc. Repeat 5 more times. [30]
RND9:  30 sc around [30]
RND10: 30 sc around [30]

Slip stitch, finish off. Leave plenty of yarn to allow you to stitch around the base at assembly.

Assembly: Base to Body

1)  Using spare thread from base, use a yarn needle and sew the base to the bottom of the body. The 30sc on the top of the base and the 30sc on the bottom of the body will match up to allow easy sewing (if you are unsure how to, use this website to help).

2)  Before you fully stitch up the base to the body, you may want to add a bit more stuffing.

3)  Finish attaching the base to the body.

If you were making the green tentacle, it should now be complete!
If you are making the purple tentacle, you still have to make the arms and monobrow.

Tentacle: Arms (for PURPLE tentacle only)

RND1:  4sc magic circle [4]
RND2:  2sc into first, 3 sc around [5]
RND3:  2sc into first, 4 sc around [6]
RND4:  6 sc around [6]
RND5:  6 sc around [6]
RND6:  6 sc around [6]
RND7:  6 sc around [6]

Finish off. Allow enough spare yarn at the end to allow you to attach each arm to the body.

Assembly: Arms to Body (PURPLE tentacle only)

1)  Stuff the arms with filler.

2)  The arms get attached to either side of the tentacle body, about halfway down (in line with the middle tentacle). The tentacle’s left arm (on the right hand side when looking at the tentacle) needs to be angled upwards, and the tentacle’s right arm needs to angle down (see photos).

2)  Sew each arm to the body using the spare thread on the arms (if you are unsure how to, use this other website to help).

Tentacle: Monobrow (PURPLE tentacle only)

The monobrow needs to be black.
You can either crochet this and sew it on, or cut it out of felt and glue it on.
I got frustrated with the crochet version, so I pulled out the black felt and made one in no time!
The brow needs to be furrowed so that there is a deep V that overlaps the top sucker, then angle down slightly at the ends. Look at my photos for the shape, or check the screenshots from the game.

Optional: Make a red gun for the purple tentacle out of a red pipecleaner or other material.

Hooray you have now finished your purple tentacle!

Have fun with your Tentacles! Make sure they behave 🙂 If you make them, please post a comment and link because I would love to see photos of them.

Ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD...one backyard patio at a time :P

Ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD...one backyard patio at a time 😛

Note: You are free to use this pattern to make as many tentacles as you like, but please do not post this pattern anywhere else. If you follow my pattern and  blog about it I would appreciate a link back to my website (so others can make it too!). More information about pattern use here: https://amysodyssey.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/my-crochet-patterns/

Do not sell Tentacles made from this pattern – the Tentacles are copyright Lucasarts and whoever else, so trying to make money off it (and any other copyrighted characters) would be very very bad!


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