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These are some answers to queries I have had about the use of my patterns. The information below is given briefly at the bottom of my patterns, but there was a need for it to be explained in more detail.

About Reproducing My Patterns…

The crochet patterns I have created and have posted here on my website will remain free and open for all to use. However I must insist that the patterns are not to be reproduced on any other website, magazine, book, etc.

Once a pattern starts getting reproduced (even with good intentions, such as those who want to translate it), the greater the chance the source will get lost over time, and the greater the chance that someone will try to claim it as their own and sell it. If you are able to help with any translating concerns others might have, I am happy for you to put a comment on the pattern page and provide a link to your email or website where you can offer advice, but I don’t want even translated patterns posted elsewhere.

About Selling Finished Products Made With My Patterns…

As I am providing the patterns for free, you are free to do whatever you like with the finished product. Gift, donate, sell, I don’t mind.

If you are selling the finished products online: I ask that credit is given to my pattern. So you are welcome to sell the bumblebees, flowers, etc that you make on your online store (etsy store, ebay store, etc), but please provide a link to the pattern on each page you sell the product from. This is also fair and honest for your customers. There are plenty out there who may like the finished products, but aren’t adept at crocheting. I would also appreciate a comment on the relevant pattern page giving a link to the online store (etsy, ebay, etc) you plan to sell the items in (do not advertise price etc – I will edit out blatant advertising) because 1) it’s good manners to let me know, and 2) it informs people where they can buy the finished products if they can’t/don’t want to make them.

If you are selling the finished products elsewhere (not on the internet): obviously it would be hard to insist on giving credit if you were selling the finished products at a school/church fete, market, swapmeet, etc, so I do not require credit in those situations. But of course it is good manners to mention where you found the pattern if anyone asks – keep up the free nature of the patterns!

Just a note: I wouldn’t advise selling products based on copyrighted characters (Day of the Tentacle, Dizzy), but that is your choice.

I obviously don’t imagine the patterns being used to make products sold in any huge commercial quanties, just crafty people who want to earn some extra money. And I am all for that!

Final Notes

I do not make any money from my website or patterns. I put in the hard work creating these patterns. I also do not make the products to sell myself (no time or inclination!). Insisting the patterns remain on this website and insisting that credit is given to my patterns if you choose to sell the finished product online are fair requests. I hope you understand these requests!

Keep enjoying the patterns,

Amy 😀


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Okay, so shopping on Orchard Road in Singapore had to be one of my favourite activities in Sinapore 😀  I come from Perth “city” where the shopping experiences are okay, full of franchises, and very repetitive – you will generally see the same stores all throughout the metro area. Orchard Road in Singapore was full of variety, and the malls were big, dry, and airconditioned. Now I can manage the heat in Singapore (I experience much hotter in summer in Perth), but I cannot cope with the humidity – dizziness and headaches even while gulping down water. Thank goodness for the aircon. The shops also kept us dry from all the torrential thunderstorms that happened almost every day of our stay (I enjoy thunderstorms so that was quite fun!).

Books, clothes, accessories, fun stuff, computer and console games (kept the partner happy ;))…Ahhh it was great fun 😀

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